1919 Gibson A-3
Case: Original case

This white top Gibson A-3 has lived quite a life but has plenty of music left to make. Structurally the mandolin is stable but has had previous repairs including a neck crack that was repaired at the peghead. The back of the mandolin has been off and the sides were scraped at the heel. The finish on the top and back appears undisturbed, and the sides were brushed with what was probably shellac. The back binding was replaced. For some unknown reason a hole was drilled in the headstock, but would be very convenient if you wanted to hang your mandolin from a nail on the wall. It retains the original bridge, nut, frets, and super-cool ivroid pickguard. The original tuners were put in the case and modern tuners were installed for reliability and ease of use. As with every instrument that we sell it has been fully inspected and set up by out expert luthier and is ready to be enjoyed for years to come! Includes the original case.


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