1962 Wandre Soloist
Case: Hardshell case

Calling all fans of Buddy Miller and/or oddball guitars...here's your chance to own a great-sounding and extremely unique guitar! Wandres are rare enough in their own right, but this 3 pickup Soloist model with Yellow Sparkle finish is the true unicorn of the Wandre world. For the uninitiated, Wandre Guitars were made by designer Antonio Vandrè Pioli in Italy between '57 and '68 and feature aluminum necks with unique plastic body shapes and Art Deco styling. The three-pickup Soloist model was only exported to the U.S. and was sold by Noble's Music in Chicago. The vast majority produced under the various different names feature one or two pickups. As far as we know this is the only 3 pickup Soloist model currently available for sale in the United States, and the only Yellow Sparkle Soloist we've ever seen! The three Davoli pickups each feature independent on/off switches, and they have a very unique, almost three-dimensional quality.

In terms of condition this guitar would be rated as excellent, especially when considering the fragile nature of the materials used in its construction. The Noble headstock badge is still in place and intact (which is rare), and the floating pickup assembly has no cracks or breaks (which is also rare). There is a small repaired crack by the jack in the plastic inset holding the controls, and there are some typical tight old cracks to the plastic body covering but no major wear. The instrument appears to be all-original with the exception of one bolt that has been replaced with a functional square nut (see photos). All electronics work properly and the guitar is in fine playing condition! 25" scale, 1 11/16" nut width. Comes in a hardshell case.


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