1954 Martin D-28
Case: Period hardshell case

This D-28 is a strong contender for the best sounding guitar currently in the shop, which gives you a good idea of why it ended up with so much play wear! The finish is unaltered but well worn on the top and back, and the guitar retains the original pickguard and bridge. The bridge plate replaced with one made to proper vintage spec by esteemed Nashville luthier Hugh Hansen, and the original tuners were replaced with older Waverlys. The original bridge was bolted down at one time, but those holes have been expertly filled. The guitar has also received a previous neck set and refret, although there isn't a lot of saddle showing currently. It was outfitted with a K&K Pure Mini with "Tapastring Vintage Jack", so the end block did not have to be drilled out/modified. Tonally it's as good a 1950's D-28 we've had, with strong bass response and projection...check out the demo video below!


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