1954 Martin D-28
Case: Period hardshell case

You can tell from the pick wear on the top this '54 D-28 was well-favored guitar, and after playing it, it's easy to hear why! The guitar itself is in largely original condition (finish, bridge, bridge plate, tuners, pickguard), and in nice overall cosmetic condition. The main area of play wear is on the top around the treble side of the bridge; the guitar's back and the back of the neck are both in very nice shape, so it was clearly well cared for. There is a pickguard crack that has been glued up, and a crack on the bass side of the top that has a single cleat. The only crack on the back or sides is on the bass side's upper bout, and was glued but not cleated. The original bridge plate was plugged and re-drilled, and the original bridge may have been very slightly shaved (the middle of the bridge is close to full height, but the wings appear a bit thin). The guitar has had a previous neck set, so the necessary maintenance is out of the way! Currently set up with medium action, but there is plenty of room to bring it down at the saddle if you'd like. Comes in a period hardshell case.


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