1968 Martin D-28
Case: Martin hardshell case

This early 1968 D-28 is one of the cleanest we have come across, with some spectacular Brazilian rosewood back & sides! This guitar came from early enough in the year that it still retains the small maple bridgeplate. It has had a previous neck reset, some light divots filled on the fingerboard, and a pickguard replacement. Aside from that, the guitar is free from any repairs and retains the original bridge, bridge plate, frets, nut, and tuners. A strap button was added to the treble side next to the heel, and a K&K Pure Mini was professionally installed. While it doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of low end, this guitar has plenty of power in the midrange and top end, helping it to cut well in an ensemble situation. Comes in a Martin hardshell case. 


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