1957 Martin D-28
Case: Original case

This 1957 D-28 is a pretty darn cool guitar that came to us needing a little bit of work but in largely original condition. As you can see someone really played it quite a bit and put some considerable wear on the top, probably with fingerpicks. David added a small spruce brace running against the grain between two small finger braces inside…it shored up the very thin area on the top to make sure it wouldn't end up like Willie’s “Trigger”. The finish, bridge, bridge plate, nut, tuners, and pickguard are all original to the instrument. The neck has been reset (the saddle was replaced at that time) and has a very nice refret, so the guitar plays very well. It comes with the original green-lined case, a bit worse for wear but still functional. Check out the demo video below!


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