1944 Martin D-28
Case: Hardshell case

This war-time D-28 "Herringbone" is a beast of a guitar, suited perfectly for bluegrass, flatpicking, or any other style you could possibly throw at it! It has excellent low-end response, and plenty of power on tap for even the loudest of acoustic situations. This guitar has had some finish work...it was oversprayed sometime in the 1960's, likely by Martin according to the guitar's current owner. The bridge and bridge plate are well-made replacements, and the guitar has received a previous neck set and refret to keep the playability ideal. There is a repaired heel crack, possibly from the time of the neck set or even longer. The tuners and pickguard are original to the instrument, but some of the tuner screws and buttons have been replaced over the years. Check out the demo video below!


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