1964 Martin D-28
Case: Hardshell case

Sometimes you pick up a well-worn Martin and it just has something special; this D-28 is one of those special guitars! It formerly belonged to a multiple-time Winfield winner, so it has the tone and playability you look for in 60's Martin! The guitar has received a previous neck reset, refret, and new saddle, imparting excellent playability up and down the fingerboard. The bridge, bridge plate, pickguard, and tuners have been replaced, and the back of the back of the neck was refinished. It may have been reshaped a bit as well, and the black paint "stinger" added likely for cosmetic reasons. Neck depth measures .826” at the 1st to 1.103” at the 12th. There are three repaired top cracks…the standard B string crack, a repaired center seam, and a small repaired crack on the bass side of the top near the fingerboard. No cracks on the back or sides. 1 11/16" nut width. Check out the demo video below!


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