2008 Martin D-18 Authentic 1937
Case: Original hardshell case

We’ve sold several 1937 D-18 Authentics and each has been impressive…this one is no exception! The Authentic is Martin's most faithful recreation of a prewar D-18 featuring forward-shifted X bracing, Adirondack top & braces, 1 3/4" nut width, vintage neck profile, open gear tuners, and all hide glue construction. Tonally this D-18 is consistent with the other Authentics we’ve sold: nice bottom end (but not overpowering) and excellent projection. Cosmetically the guitar shows extensive signs of play-wear…there are various small dings and marks in the finish, and two chips in the binding along the bottom of the top. Comes in the original hardshell case. On consignment.


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