1945 Martin 000-18
Case: Hiscox Pro II

This beautiful war-time 000-18 came to us in need of nothing except someone to play and appreciate it for years to come! The finish is original and shows signs of a well-favored instrument, but is in remarkably good condition considering it's age. The bridge is a very well-made replacement but the bridge plate, nut, & pickguard are all original to the instrument. There is a single repaired pickguard crack in the top, and one repaired back crack...both are closed up tight and are stable. The first 5 frets were replaced with standard nickel wire and frets 6-20 are still the original war-time brass. The neck has been previously reset and the angle is excellent. The original tuners are tucked safely away in the case in favor of restoration tuners. This guitar has that warmth you hope for in an old mahogany instrument....check out the demo video below!


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