1937 Martin 00-18H
Case: Hardshell case
This 00-18H started life as a Hawaiian guitar, that was eventually converted to standard "Spanish" style at some point in the past. It is an excellent sounding example that needs nothing currently. Aside from the obvious conversion work, the back and sides were refinished, two long cracks below the bridge were neatly cleated, and a crack was repaired around the end pin. That is most likely from a previously installed tailpiece, as there are two small plugged holes at the base of the top cracks that would support that. The bridge is a nicely made replica (bridge plate is original); the fingerboard was replaced and bar frets installed as part of the conversion work. It is one of the better bar fret jobs we've seen. There is a bit of “orange peel” on the lower face of the headstock, but the finish on the neck appears original. Nut measures 1 7/8", and tapers to 2.1" at the 9th fret. Comes in a hardshell case.

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