1954 Martin 00-18
Case: Newer hardshell case

This 1954 00-18 is another very fine, very original example brought in by the daughter of the original owner! The finish, tuners, nut, bridge, bridge plate, saddle, frets, and even bridge pins all appear to be the way they left Nazareth, PA. The top also appears to be Adirondack with a nice, wide grain pattern. There's just enough play wear on the guitar to know that it was used and enjoyed but certainly well cared for. There were a couple of loose glue joints to be addressed before offering this guitar for sale...the bridge and x-brace were both re-glued by David Sheppard, as were two minor pickguard cracks. The only other repair is a hairline impact crack on the treble side about 1" in length that was also reinforced with a bit of glue. Now with that bit of routine maintenance out of the way, this guitar is ready to be a rock-solid player for years to come! Comes in a newer hardshell case.


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