1945 Martin 00-18
Case: Older hardshell case

One of the nice things about selling vintage guitars is you get to see (or sell!) some more than once, and to my ears this early tapered brace 00-18 sounds even better than the first time we had it! It's had some previous repairs but is in sound playing shape and ready to go! The finish (or what's left of the finish) is original as is the bridge, bridge plate, and pickguard. The neck was reset previously, and a 1-12 refret imparted excellent playability...whoever did the refret opted to use period-correct brass wire. As far as the repairs, there is a repaired center-seam separation & a repaired pickguard crack in the top, four repaired back cracks, and an old-growth mahogany patch in the treble side bout. All repairs are solid. The previous owner really did this guitar a favor by playing it quite a bit...it's more open than I remember, with that dry, woody tone you look for in a good vintage mahogany Martin. Check out the demo video below!


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