1940 c. Kalamazoo KHG-14 Conversion
Case: Chipboard case

Here's another excellent Kalamazoo conversion, just recently completed by David Sheppard here at Lowe Vintage. The conversion process involves re-bracing the guitar using an x-bracing pattern seen on similar Gibson models (David used a one tone-bar pattern here).

This guitar was initially for "Hawaiian style" playing, but had been switched to Spanish-style before our receiving the instrument. The KHG-14 used a spruce top and mahogany for the back, sides, & neck. And speaking of the neck, if you're a fan of larger profiles you'll love the depth and 1 7/8" nut width! It still retains the original finish, bridge, frets, tuners, and pickguard. Cosmetically the guitar is in excellent shape, and is totally crack-free. The main blemish are a couple of long scratches along the side that look like they could be cracks, but aren't. This is my personal favorite of the conversions we currently have available...David definitely knows how to bring the best out of these old guitars. Check out the demo video below!


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