1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe
Case: Hardshell case

This Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe is a fantastic example, featuring a powerful, deep tone and quick response. It was discovered by a gentlemen from Maryland, still in its original Hawaiian configuration but in very good condition. It was brought to us in 2018 to be expertly converted by Rob Sharer of Durham, NC. The neck was not cut down, so it still retains the original 2” nut width with a “V” profile. A handful for many and ideal for some, this would allow for the next owner to have the neck shaped to their preferences if desired. The bridge, bridge plate, pickguard, tuners, nut, and finish are all original to the instrument. A carbon fiber neck rod was also added for stability. There are three repaired back cracks (one crack with a single small cleat, one crack with two small cleats), but no other previous cracks or repairs. Comes in a newer hardshell case.


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