1954 Gibson Les Paul
Case: Gibson hardshell case

The same year and configuration as Jeff Beck’s famous “Oxblood” Les Paul, this 1954 “Goldtop” was refinished sometime in the 1970’s in a striking red color (reminiscent of the “Lucy” Les Paul), and was outfitted at that time with Gibson Patent Number humbuckers (7.6k neck & bridge). There is a solidly repaired headstock crack that starts at the treble side headstock wing and works down to the the high E tuner; the owner had binding added to the front of the headstock when this was addressed. The guitar retains the original pickguard, knobs, and back plastic, as well as the original wiring harness with “Grey Tiger” PIO caps (pots date to 40th week of '53). Comes in a 70’s Gibson case.


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