1961 Gibson Les Paul / SG
Case: Original hardshell case

We always get excited for any first year “Les Paul” SG, but after spending much time with this guitar plugged into a ’63 Vibrolux, we can report that this particular example has the sonic goods and then some. This particular example comes to us from a gentlemen who bought the guitar 20-30 years ago from a friend when he wanted to learn to play. What an axe to learn on! Like many, he didn’t stick with it and the guitar sat unused. It features the early “sideways” Vibrola, which is functional and not blocked. While it shows some significant fading/bleaching, particularly on the back of the neck, the guitar is in 100% original condition with no breaks or repairs of any kind. The finish, tuners, pickguard, knobs, tailpiece, poker chip, ABR-1 bridge, wiring harness, and stickered PAF pickups are all original to the instrument. The guitar plays very well on original frets. We cleaned up a bit of sloppy solder touch up on the volume pot when the guitar came in, otherwise the guitar was in need of nothing than a little spit shine. Comes in the original Gibson badged hardshell case. 


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