1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Case: Original alligator chip case

If you were a student wanting to learn to play the electric guitar in 1956, chances are you ended up with a single-pickup Gibson Les Paul Junior. They may not have had cell phones or video games, but kids had slab mahogany bodies and Brazilian rosewood fingerboards back in the day! This particular example has made it though the last 67 years in very nice condition; the only modification to the instrument are the installed repro tuners. Luckily, the repros utilize the correct footprint and original screw holes, allowing for someone to reinstall the original tuners that are tucked away in the case should they choose. Solder joints are untouched, and the pickup absolutely rips, as you’d expect from a “dog ear” P90. There is a bit of finish checking on the guitar’s top, but no major buckle rash on the back or wear to the back of the neck. The only place where finish is missing at all is a small spot on the back at the bass side’s lower bout area. Comes in the original alligator chipboard case. 


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