1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Case: Original "Alligator" case

This ’56 Les Paul Junior, purchased from the son of the original owner, is a fine example of the coolest “student guitar” of the 1950’s. It is in original condition, with the exception of one tuner button that was replaced. The finish, bridge & posts, frets, pickguard, knobs, tuning machines, wiring harness, and pickup are all original to the instrument with untouched solder joints. The neck angle is perfect, the bridge posts are straight with virtually no lean, and the original frets have a great deal of life left in them. Even the original chipboard case is clean, with the hinges still holding the lid open! There is a gouge in the treble side and some various light wear spots, but overall is one of the nicer examples we’ve had in some time. Pickup reads 9.6k, weighs in at 7.35 lb.


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