1975 Gibson L6-S
Case: Original hardshell case

The L6-S model was a 1970's staple, played at various times over the years by the likes of Pat Martino, Angus Young, Paul Stanley, Prince, and more. It shared the same basic shape as the more expensive L-5S, but without the carved top. It features a natural maple body with a maple set neck, two humbucker pickups wired with a 6-way rotary switch, master volume, mid tone control, and treble tone control. The rotary switch controls are:

  1. Both pickups, in series
  2. Neck pickup, alone
  3. Both pickups, in parallel
  4. Both pickups, parallel out of phase, with the neck pickup's bass response restricted through a series capacitor.
  5. Bridge pickup, alone
  6. Both pickups, series out of phase.

The guitar is in very good cosmetic shape for its age, and in original condition with the original case.


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