1934 Gibson L-50
Case: Hardshell case

This little L-50 is a great guitar with plenty of history and mojo! A previous owner had traced the original lineage of the instrument back to a Mr. Roland Gaines of Kentucky, who played with various outfits in the 1930s & 1940s including the "Renfro Valley Barn Dance", a traveling radio and stage show. That's likely where the radio call signs inside the guitar were picked up! You can find out more about the guitar's backstory here: https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com/search?q=l-50 (post from 10/10/12).

It comes to us in largely original condition and is ready to carry on its history of performing live! The finish, bridge, frets, nut, and tuners are all original to the guitar; the pickguard was removed at some point prior. There are four repaired top cracks and one repaired back crack...all are stable. There is a small amount of depression in the top under the bass end of the bridge, but all braces are solid and nothing appears to be moving. This guitar is structurally stable and needs nothing but some quality play time! There is a K&K-type transducer pickup installed as well. Comes housed in a hardshell case.


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