1965 Gibson L-5 CES
Case: 90's Gibson case

NEW PRICE! This beautiful guitar spent many years of its life (35-40 by our estimation) being played by Mr. Charles Johnson, a well-known southern gospel musician from Durham, NC. The guitar is in it's original form with the exception of a custom truss rod cover that Mr. Johnson added and a refret. There is typical corrosion on the gold plated hardware, but the finish is in good shape with no buckle rash on the back, minimal wear on the top, and finish checking typical of a working guitar. There is also a strap button added on the heel cap and some fingerboard wear that was repaired around frets 1-5. All electronics are original, including the pulled and verified Patent No. humbuckers, as well as hardware, tuners, and the pickguard. 1 9/16" nut width. This is a great playing, great sounding guitar with a lot of mojo.


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