1946 Gibson L-48
Case: Chipboard case

The Gibson L-48 was introduced in 1946 as an entry level 16" archtop, and many were all mahogany. This early model (1946-47) features the more desirable spruce top over maple back & sides, paired with a mahogany neck with a rounded profile. The original nut was shimmed up at some point in the past, and the guitar received some much needed fret work previously. The pickguard, bridge, and tailpiece are all original to the guitar; the tuners are Gibson Deluxe "3 on a plate" tuners that were likely installed when the original tuner buttons deteriorated. The guitar is free from any cracks, but does show general wear and finish checking. Currently the guitar plays great across all registers, with a punchy, percussive voice. Comes in a chip case.


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