1933 Gibson L-00
Case: Guardian case

This excellent-sounding L-00 was originally built as an export instrument, stamped "Made in the USA" on the back of the peghead and sporting a "Made in U.S.A" sticker inside the soundhole. The guitar is in largely original condition with the exception of proper repro tuners and a bone saddle. The finish, bridge, bridge plate, frets, nut, and pickguard are all original and untouched. The only crack is a single back crack that was well-repaired and is stable. 1 3/4" nut, 24 3/4" scale. This L-00 exhibits some typical Gibson strangeness as well...the positioning of the tuners on the peghead is somewhat unusual, but is definitely the original location upon close inspection with the repro tuners removed. It also has double-stamped FON numbers: the 887 stamped on the end of the peghead would indicate an L-0 made in 1933 according to Spann's book, but the 710 stamped on the neck block is listed in Spann's guide as L-00 1933 (which is what the guitar is based on specs) . The neck of the guitar has never been off, so it's how it left Kalamazoo way back when. Check out the demo video below!


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