1946 Gibson J-45
Case: Non-original vintage hardshell

This 1946 J-45 is probably the nicest example we've ever come across, both in terms of condition and tone! Everything about this guitar is just the way it left Kalamazoo...the finish, tuners, nut, bridge, bridge plate, saddle, frets, and bridge pins all appear to be factory-original. This guitar has the fuller, rounded Banner-style neck profile with the gold Gibson script logo. Our luthier added a bit of glue to a very small pickguard crack once we took possession of the guitar...there are no other previous repairs or modifications. The neck will eventually need to be reset as the saddle is pretty low, but the action is perfect as-is and the sound is absolutely fantastic. The guitar does not have the original case, but it is housed in a 1950's era Victoria Luggage Co. case.


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