1949 Gibson J-45
Case: Newer hardshell case

This truly excellent J-45 has wonderful vintage Gibson tone: midrange punch, but plenty of bass and top end shimmer to compliment it. Mark Stutman of Folkway recently refretted the guitar, glued a few brace-ends, and replaced the bridgeplate and saddle. If you know anything about Mr. Stutman, you know the work is beyond first class! Prior to that, the center-seam had been re-glued, but there are no cracks in the top or back. There are two minor repaired cracks on the treble side, each about three inches long. Obviously there is some pick wear on the top, and a bit of brushed-over lacquer on the barrel of the neck. The tuners are correct vintage replacements, installed by Mr. Stutman in place of Grovers that had been installed at one time. Tonally, the guitar is an excellent strummer, but has the articulation and power you want in a good flatpicker Gibson as well. Comes in a newer hardshell case.


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