1940 Gibson J-35
Case: Newer hardshell case

We've been fortunate enough to sell a lot of vintage guitars, but of all the mahogany dreads & jumbos a good Gibson J-35 stands above the rest to my ears. This unscalloped, 2 tone bar model has a replacement bridge, bridge plate, 1 11/16" nut, and has had a refret. Most of the repaired cracks on this guitar are on the back & sides; the only top crack is repaired center-seam separation. All the cracks have been repaired and are stable. The refret and patina are evidence this guitar was played quite a bit, and when you strum it it's pretty apparent why. The top has a nice color and patina to it, and the larger rounded profile neck is very comfortable! Comes in a newer hardshell case.


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