1950 Gibson ES-175
Case: Original hardshell case

This early ES-175 will cover a lot of ground and do it well, from light, airy jazz passages to full on rock 'n roll. The guitar was ordered from the factory with two pickups, roughly a year before that became a standard option. Wes Lambe, who many of you may know from the Pre-war Guitars Company, professionally routed the guitar for humbuckers. We believe they're Lindy Fralin's but haven't pulled them yet (message us with any questions). The pots were changed at that time as well. The bridge was swapped in favor of an adjustable for better intonation, but the base appears to be original (we have the original top half as well). This is an excellent playing guitar, with some great modifications that make it more affordable than a minty "collector grade" model.


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