2016 Franklin OM Mahogany
Case: Original case

Franklin Guitars, built in Missouri by luthier Nick Kukich, are known for making an exceptional OM and for good reason! This "OM Mahogany" features an Adirondack top, mahogany back and sides, 1 3/4" nut, and a 25.4" scale. Tonally it's very "woody" (I hate that adjective, I'm sorry) for a new guitar with really nice projection and presence. The neck is a bit on the chunkier side with more depth than some other modern guitars...it feels excellent in the hand for those that like a larger profile. Cosmetically there is a small finish ding in the top and a small area where the finish has dulled a bit, otherwise the guitar is in excellent overall condition. We'll be posting a demo video soon!


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