1964 Fender Stratocaster
Case: No-logo case

As you can see from the photos, this 1964 Stratocaster was played quite a lot but not abused...it has that perfect worn-in feeling you want in an older Strat with some mojo! The neckplate serial number would correspond with a 1963, but the neck date (2OCT64B), pot codes (all 28th week of 64), and pickup dates all indicate it was built and assembled in 1964. The switch was allegedly replaced with a 5-way at one time, but a correct 3-way was put back in the guitar at some later point. You can see that one of the switch screws is a replacement, and a bit of the pickguard was beveled out around the switch for an unknown reason. The guitar also received an excellent refret with slightly taller wire previously, and the result is an excellent-playing and sounding Strat! Comes with the likely original "no-logo" case. Demo video coming soon!


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