1941 Martin D-18
Case: Hardshell case

New price! This 1941 D-18 is a monster of a box with just the right amount of wear in all the right spots! It comes to us on consignment from a good friend and picker local to the area, and we're pleased to be able to offer it to you. Cosmetically, the guitar is in very good shape overall but shows some honest signs of use. The bridge appears to be a very well-made replacement, but the bridge plate, pickguard, tuners, and finish are all still original to the instrument. This 18 has had a previous neck reset and refret, and as a result plays very well. There was a small repaired crack on the back of the peghead that can be seen in the photos; it is very solid and doesn't appear to have been anywhere near a complete break. There is a bit of finish touch-up around the bridge area, and a strap button added on the heel. The top and back are crack-free, but there are 2 small repaired cracks on the bass side and treble side. This guitar sounds absolutely fantastic...give the demo video a listen!


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