1939 Martin 00-18
Case: Original case

This 1939 00-18 has had it's share of bumps and bruises, but is still an EXCELLENT sounding guitar. It was built earlier in the year and the neck has a nice, wider profile but the nut measures at 1 11/16". The body was refinished at some point in the past, and the bridge is a replacement (the bridge plate is original). The tuners and pickguard both are original to the guitar. As far as previous repairs, there are three repaired cracks in the top, two repaired cracks on the treble side, and a small rack at the soundhole at the treble side of the fingerboard. The kerfling shows signs the back was off at some point (we have no indication as to why), and the back binding was replaced. The neck has been reset, and the guitar received a well-executed refret imparting excellent playability. This guitar is extremely resonant and punchy, with tons of low-end for a box this small. It would make an excellent fingerstyle or flatpicking guitar! Check out the demo video below.


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