1966 Epiphone Texan
Case: Newer hardshell case

The Epiphone Texan is another guitar that immediately brings to mind The Beatles, but it's much more than just a nostalgia piece...it sounds really good! When this model went into production after the Gibson buyout, it was essentially a Gibson jumbo body with a leftover laminate Epiphone neck attached. This later model features a solid mahogany neck (as the supply of earlier laminate necks had run dry), but still retains the longer 25.5" scale length the model was introduced with. Cosmetically the guitar is in very good condition, with only some slight signs of play wear and finish checking. The finish, bridge, bridgeplate, nut, frets, pickguard, and tuners are all original to the instrument. The Epiphone "E" logo fell off the pickguard at some point in the past, but you can see the shadow of where it was when you hold it just in the right light. Comes in a newer hardshell case.


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