1927 Gibson RB-Granada
Case: Original case

Here's another literal piece of Gibson history: the very first 5-string Granada ever made! This 1927 RB-Granada (#8690-1) is fully documented by author and Gibson scholar Joe Spann as the very first original five-string Granada ever produced by Gibson. It was found in November of 2015, still residing with the original owner's family. This banjo is in near-mint, unaltered factory original condition. The original owner of the banjo played it just long enough to put a small wear spot on the armrest, but the rest of the plated parts are in immaculate condition. It appears that even the head and bridge are original to the banjo. Very minimal wear and finish checking on the back and neck, with one blemish on the neck that can be seen in the photos. This banjo is as close to "mint" as you could hope to find on any banjo of this era, let alone one of this significance. Includes the original case with key (that works!).


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