1998 Henderson D-18
Case: Hardshell case

It's always a rare pleasure to be able to offer one of Wayne Henderson's guitars for sale, and this instrument is a perfect example of why Wayne is such a revered builder of instruments. This quite special D-18 style guitar's top was signed by Wayne on May 18, 1998, and features some unique appointments like a sunburst finish and pearl top trim! The first thing you notice upon picking up the guitar is that it is extremely light, and has a low-end presence and clarity that will fill up a room. The neck profile is a bit shallower, making it very comfortable for the fretting hand and a good match for the 1 11/16" nut width. As you can see this guitar was played, and as a result has broken in beautifully. The neck angle and saddle height are both great on this one...all it needs is to be played and enjoyed! Comes in an older hardshell case.


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