1955 Fender Stratocaster
Case: Original case Company hardshell

This early 1955 Fender Strat is a fantastic sounding guitar in largely original (but played!) condition. The body date in the tremolo cavity dates to 1955 (we didn’t remove the claw to retrieve the month), and the neck is signed TG - 2-55. The frets are original to the guitar, and we opted to leave them in “as found" condition. Original no line Kluson tuners, bridge/tremolo assembly, pickguard, and wiring harness (switch, phonebook cap, & Stackpole pots dating 34th week of 1954). The bridge saddles appear original, but the adjustment screws were replaced at some point in favor of ones that weren't rusted. The middle and bridge pickups are original to the guitar (5.38k & 5.52k, respectively); the neck pickup is a Fralin “Vintage Hot” custom wound to 5.7k to match up well with this set. The guitar retains the original pickguard and has replica pickup covers, knobs, tremolo cover & switch tip. Weighs in at 6.90 lb. on our shipping scale. The original case had the tweed removed and has some cracking along the front lid edge. The guitar plays very well considering the original frets, and sounds fantastic…check out the demo video below!


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