1927/28 Gibson TB-Bella Voce
Case: Original plush-lined case

New price! Joe Spann's book on Gibson history states that instruments with a FON starting with "0" were part of a batch of custom orders manufactured during the 1927-1928 time period. This excellent example hailed from that period, built by the finest of the Gibson craftsmen of the day. Quite possibly the most ornate of any Gibson banjo ever made, the Bella Voce models make for great 5-string conversions with their 40 hole arch-top tone rings and full size maple rims, but this one is in factory-original condition. The intricately carved and painted peghead and heel on this "white holly" (painted maple) model is truly a work of art. Highly detailed engraving on the gold plated metal parts add to the beauty of this instrument. This 90 year-old banjo is in outstanding condition, and even comes with the upgraded plush-lined Gibson case.


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